Eat Like a Local in Fiji – Affordable Dining in South Pacific

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We all know that the best way to save money abroad is to live like the locals do.

In Fiji that means stepping out of the resorts with their overpriced restaurants and discovering the wealth of flavors outside.

The smells of tropical fruits and the buzz of enthusiastic vendors hits you as you approach Suva Market. As you’re buying directly from the farmers, the exotic fruits are incredibly affordable. Fresh seafood arrives early on Saturday mornings straight off the boats, so this is a great time to try ika in lolo, a traditional Fijian dish of fish in coconut cream. And if you’re feeling brave enough to try Fiji’s famously pungent drink, there’s a kava bar upstairs. The markets can get chaotic, particularly late in the week, but some shoppers feel that only adds to the excitement.

As more than a third of Fijians are of Indian descent, this country’s cuisine is very popular. After all, it’s a kind of fast food that’s satisfying and affordable. Most of Fiji’s Indian restaurants are in Suva, including Govinda Restaurant on Marks Street, Singh’s Curry House on Waimanu Road, and the Hare Krishna Restaurant near the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

Fiji flag photo

The national flag of Fiji

The downside of eating Indian in Fiji is that most restaurants don’t serve alcohol. If you’d prefer to wash your meal down with a good glass of wine, you may like to try one of Fiji’s Chinese restaurants. Bohai Seafood Restaurant in Nadi looks like a bit of a hole in the wall, but it offers delicious and authentic Chinese dishes. Suva’s Victoria Parade has many Chinese Restaurants, while the Sunday night buffet at Kim’s Paak Kum Loong Restaurant in Levuka is famous.

So why not try the restaurants outside Fiji’s resorts? Your wallet and your taste buds will thank you!

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