Weather in Vanuatu – Tropical Climate and Conditions in Polynesia

in Oceania

Vanuatu’s tropical and subtropical climates guarantee the stretch of Polynesian islands always lives up to its reputation as an idyllic coastal paradise.

However, tourists should be aware of the country's changing weather conditions throughout the year before planning to travel around Vanuatu. There is little climate variation between the seasons; whether it’s around 85 degrees Fahrenheit in summer or 65 degrees Fahrenheit in winter tourists will still be able to swim in the ocean or laze about on the sand. Showers rarely set in either, with rain typically lasting a day at most. However, if you want to avoid wet weather completely you’re best steering clear of Vanuatu between November and April. The famous Southeast Trade Winds bring sunny, warm days and cooler nights all year round. However, they can be more unpredictable during the wet season. A squall can blow up seemingly out of nowhere, so make sure you hold on to your hat! Bungalows have even been known to blow away in blustery weather, but tourists needn’t be too concerned. Resort staff are used to these kind of winds, and will build you another one before too long. Visiting outside the wet season is the best way to avoid any extreme conditions in Vanuatu, but if that's not possible the woolly weather shouldn't interrupt your stay too much.

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