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Year in and year out, thousands of travelers visit Alaska and FRUGALMONKEY is here to tell you why. Alaska travel is popular because of its beauty and nature, but some of the cities and towns are a draw too. The city of Anchorage, for example, is a great stop featuring whale watching, museums, bike trails, glaciers and more. Travel in and around Anchorage means experiencing the fame of the Alaskan wilderness but the beauty of a gorgeous city. With temperate summers and a wealth of summer activities tourism is high in the summer months. However, the dark quiet of the Alaskan winter is equally alluring and skiers and snow lovers can’t resist dog sledding, snow shoeing and snowboarding in an Alaskan winter. To find out more about travel in Alaska and the discounts on Alaska trips, check out what FRUGALMONKEY has to say in its entire section on Alaskan travel.

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