Travel has certainly been in the foreground this summer with so many amazing travel deals. We tried to think back about the best discounts and best deals available to travelers in order to bring you the summer’s best travel deal. And while two locations largely stood out among the crowd, we’ve come to a decision. […]

Enjoy amazing summer flight deals to some of FrugalMonkey’s favorite locations. That includes international and domestic travel to locations like Australia and Hawaii. This week we found some amazing flight deals to both these locations as airlines do their best to lure in summer travelers. Qantas has recently launched deals for incredibly cheap flight to […]

So you’ve decided, an amazing summer or fall vacation is in your future. Check out FrugalMonkey’s tips on this week’s travel deals and start planning that perfect vacation. Travel Auction Sites One of the best ways to find great travel deals is by utilizing online travel auctions. This tried and true method for finding cheap […]

People typically flock to Australia’s many cities for their vacation. Ocean beaches, cultural events, shopping, restaurants and the exotic experience of new sights, sounds, animals and foods await any visitor. However towards the center of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth is a fusion of luxury and the great outdoors that is impossible to pass up, […]

Check out what’s going on in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef! It’s no surprise that island beaches, sunny skies and crystal clear waters are almost everyone’s idea of paradise. And Australia is the perfect place to find that – especially if you travel near the Gold Coast in Queensland. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s […]

It seems that every week we discuss in some way how the economy is effecting travel prices. This week is no different as the dollar continues to strengthen against foreign currencies, flight prices lower to fill planes and hotels throw out deal after deal in order to entice travelers to book accommodations. So where are […]

Adventure tourism is turning the lazy, luxury traveler into a thing of the past. Now you can 4X4 in a South American desert, rock climb, dog sled, dive into a cave with sharks swimming all around you, pet dolphins, hike or backpack national forests or photograph endangered species on an African safari. It seems that […]

Traveling to Australia used to be synonymous with expensive tickets making family vacations or romantic getaways to the Outback a pretty expensive trip. But now you can fly to a variety of Australian cities on Qantas at a fraction of what it would have previously cost you. Once again, the economic downturn in vacation packages, […]

Bad news for Napa but excellent news for travel buffs and wine connoisseurs, Australia’s wines are making an excellent impression among industry professionals. In a recent blind taste test, wines from Clare Valley, Eden Valley, Tasmania and Western Australia competed well against Rieslings and Chardonnays from Europe and North America. So much so that despite […]

If you’ve ever been to the FrugalMonkey home site you know that we provide vacationers with a wealth of information regarding travel. This includes our country profiles that have information on Alaska, Australia, Argentina, Greece, Hawaii, Mexico and South Africa. If you’re curious about traveling to any of these amazing and wonderful locations, just check […]