Wondering how the fall will shape up when it comes to travel deals? Well, as you may know fall is the slowest time for the airline industry. It is the time when most people stay at home since holiday travel plans are already in place, and travel has cooled off from summer. This fall, airlines […]

You’ve probably spent some time scouring the Internet looking for web deals and specials, but here at FrugalMonkey we have it all in one place! Take a look at some of the resources available on the site. Each and everyone of them makes travel planning interesting, easy, and fun! We even have destination guides to […]

If you’re an environmentally conscious traveler, then we have the perfect vacation idea for you and your family. You’ve probably heard about ecotourism, the growing trend of traveling while trying to make as minimal an impact on the environment as possible.  Within that same vein, eco-tours are a popular way to travel using these green […]

You may be flying  to visit relatives, or taking a flight for a nice long weekend of camping. Perhaps you live in a city and simply need to rent a car long enough to escape for Labor Day weekend. Regardless of why, rental car demand spikes during weekends that are popular for travel and that […]

Are you an environmentally conscious traveler? Do you strive to stay at locations where you know your carbon footprint will be minimal? If so, check out FrugalMonkey’s section on eco-friendly hotels. Our list of the worlds top travel locations include those that rate the highest in terms of sustainability efforts and in minimizing the hotel’s […]

Want to take an unforgettable vacation? Want to swim in crystal clear waters, go hiking, backpacking, and sea kayaking on your trip? Want to experience the ultimate adventure vacation while taking in some of the most gorgeous views of your life? Then we have the vacation for you. The best part is, you can enjoy […]

We recently blogged about finding cheap airfare using online programs like those offered by popular airlines. We told you about Southwest’s Rapid Rewards Program, and the Continental Airlines One Pass program (among others). This week, we wanted to prove to you exactly how to benefit from these memberships, and how better to do so then […]

Finding cheap flights might be easier than it was a few years ago, but a lot of people get caught watching great deals on airfare pass them by. Don’t be one of them! There are so many tips and tools to finding cheap travel that if you can implement just a few of them, you […]

Sports related travel is increasingly popular, especially now with so many great travel deals available. If you’re a sports fan or perhaps someone in your family is, consider taking a vacation that centers around experiencing sporting events. When there are popular sporting events in any one area, you can expect that flight prices, hotels and […]

As summer moves along we wanted to put together something of a dream vacation for all you eager travelers. We recently read that a larger and larger percentage of travelers are looking for vacation ideas and travel deals before even picking a location. In light of this, we decided to highlight a travel adventure of […]