From good eats to monuments to fabulous flea markets, explore Berlin one neighborhood at a time (on foot) and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all of the things you find to do on the cheap.

Norwegian Cruise Line just posted a week long cruise to Alaska for just $419 a person! You could be sailing the gorgeous coastlines of The Last Frontier, visiting Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka – enjoying a week off from your stressful life back home. The cruise sails from Los Angeles on April 25 so you have […]

While many vacations focus on lounging beachside, or involve the luxury of golfing at exotic resorts, there are some people whose idea of a perfect vacation is of a different sort. Overnight backpacking in the mountains, snowshoeing in a light snowfall, windsurfing local lakes, hiking trips, rock climbing excursions, fishing, camping, rafting and outdoors activities […]

Take a look at these popular travel locations where your dollar goes the extra mile. With the economy in a slum, the price of flights and cruise fares has dropped significantly. On top of that, even though the dollar is in large part to blame for the weakening economy, investors are seeing the US as […]