Guide to Fall Travel Deals

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Fall marks a decidedly different time for airlines and travelers. The summer deals for travelers tend to slow down and airlines are expected to cut back on available flights.

With the travel industry in an economic slump however, there are sure to be some great places where travelers can snatch up available deals. Find out where the travel deals will continue and what you can do to find them!


The Hawaiian economy relies heavily on travel. It runs almost entirely off of the tourism provided by North Americans and as fall approaches, fewer travelers are expected to make travel plans. For those that might be considering a fall vacation however, this is incredible news. Hawaii is expected to be one of the few locations where flights, hotels, and other vacation packages will continue to be available for vacationers. This fall, booking a flight to Hawaii will still be affordable and is a great way to experience a vacation that will likely spike in expense in the upcoming years. If you’re looking for a warm and temperate Thanksgiving vacation with the family, keep your eyes peeled on the travel deals coming out of Hawaii. We guarantee you’ll see some good ones! Start making your travel plans now with our advice on things to do in Maui.


Mexico, like Hawaii relies heavily on tourism from North America. It too sees a decrease in vacationers during the fall and because of the hit it has taken due to swine flu and the economic slump, travel deals will continue into this region are expected to continue well into the fall. The fall and winter are also considered off-season for Mexico travel, which means vacation deals will be even lower. We think that if you’re looking for a good getaway before school starts or during the winter break, that Mexico will be a cheap and fun way to enjoy your vacation. Find out about places like Cancun, with FrugalMonkey’s free online travel guide to Mexico.

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