fall travel deals

You may or may not have heard this term. Hotwire coined it, and it refers to travel during the fall: the time after Labor Day but before the New Year. Right now, although travel is classically at a low, there are some great travel deals to be had during the Shoulder Season. Take this great […]

Fall is the slowest time of year for travel and that means you can probably expect hotels, airlines, and cruise ship industry to shell out for some pretty good travel packages. Although airlines are expecting to cut back on flights this fall, it seems the season is priming itself to be another mecca of great […]

It happens almost anytime there is an expected peak in travel. With so many people taking off for the Labor Day weekend, there has been a lull in recently lowered travel prices. Flights are full, so discounted seats are few. Everyone is hitting the road and as a result, gas prices are up. However, one […]

Fall marks a decidedly different time for airlines and travelers. The summer deals for travelers tend to slow down and airlines are expected to cut back on available flights. With the travel industry in an economic slump however, there are sure to be some great places where travelers can snatch up available deals. Find out […]

This flight deal is so good you couldn’t even turn your television on last night and miss this incredible offer from Jet Blue Airlines. This fall, Jet Blue is offering travelers the opportunity to purchase a one month free-for-all travel pass for only $599. From September 8 to October 8, 2009, travelers who purchase the […]