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Just a few miles from the throngs of tourists in Waikiki is a more urban, budget-friendly part of Honolulu. Whether you choose to spend an afternoon soaking in the unique history of the Honolulu waterfront, walking around downtown and taking in all of the public art or heading over to Chinatown to take in the […]

We couldn’t stop thinking about chilly winters and rainy falls. Although watching the leaves change and bundling up under cozy blankets is all part of the package it definitely loses its charm after you’ve been waiting for the car to defrost and it starts getting dark around 5pm. That’s why we did a random search […]

Fall marks a decidedly different time for airlines and travelers. The summer deals for travelers tend to slow down and airlines are expected to cut back on available flights. With the travel industry in an economic slump however, there are sure to be some great places where travelers can snatch up available deals. Find out […]

Travel in the United States doesn’t get more exotic than the traveling one can do in Hawaii. FrugalMonkey offers information on the luxurious side of Hawaiian travel as well as the rugged outdoor adventures one can take in the plush jungles and rocky volcanoes away from the resorts and beaches. With information on all of […]

Ever thought of visiting the Hawaiian Islands?  Traveling to Hawaii to experience the most tropical of the United States has become somewhat of a time-honored tradition for US citizens. The ability to access exotic tropical weather, gorgeous beaches, SCUBA diving, exquisite golf courses, remote islands, lava fields, amazing restaurants and breathtaking hikes without having to […]