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You may or may not have heard this term. Hotwire coined it, and it refers to travel during the fall: the time after Labor Day but before the New Year. Right now, although travel is classically at a low, there are some great travel deals to be had during the Shoulder Season. Take this great […]

Sure a vacation to Mexico is all about sun, sand, and beaches, but before you go check out our free online destination guide to Mexico. We hope you’ve taken our blog advice and are scanning the Internet for flight deals to Mexico. Because travel lulls during the fall (the slowest season of the year) you […]

Fall marks a decidedly different time for airlines and travelers. The summer deals for travelers tend to slow down and airlines are expected to cut back on available flights. With the travel industry in an economic slump however, there are sure to be some great places where travelers can snatch up available deals. Find out […]

Although the 4th of July is a holiday that lends itself to more local travel, nearly 37.1 million people will travel 50 miles or more for the long weekend. In anticipation of all this, airlines, hotels and car rental agencies have lowered the bar on travel prices hoping to entice vacationers. Although the holiday is […]

You’re probably pretty up to speed with our FrugalMonkey Destination Profiles. We show you where to go, why to go and point out great travel deals to get there. This week we’re showing you how to enjoy the perfect summer vacation with a trip to Acapulco, Mexico! Mexico is not only the perfect romantic getaway, […]

Mexico is one of the most popular travel destinations for sun, sand and surf. North Americans, Europeans and even South American residents travel to Mexico each year to take in the white sand beaches, enjoy the weather and take in the amazing culture. While most people fly, it is becoming more and more popular to […]

Taking a trip to Mexico is high on the list of many travelers and eager vacationers. FrugalMonkey’s section on Mexican travel has all pertinent travel information about travel within this amazing country. With a focus on travel among Mexico’s most popular travel locations such as Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta and many more, if […]

Start 2009 off right with a Mexican vacation. By finding the right air fare you can be beach-side in no time. Mexico is a popular travel destination for people all over the world. This country, which shares its crystal clear waters and sandy beaches with the equally alluring Caribbean countries, brings in thousands of travelers […]