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Although soccer has been the world’s most popular sport for decades it is certainly making a push toward the mainstream. Here in the United States, a bigger and bigger following is gathering behind local and MLS teams and it isn’t uncommon to see hoards of college students crowding bars to watch teams like Barcelona play the LA Galaxy. We suggest however, taking it one step further! Sure the front row bar seating is a fun way to experience the games, but why not see the action live? Check out two great vacations with travel guides provided by FrugalMonkey where you can get onto the field and only feet away from the world’s best players.


If soccer is popular anywhere it is certainly a national obsession in Argentina. Through FrugalMonkey’s free online guide to travel in Argentina you can see Boca play River during the Super Classico and touch finger tips with the world famous, Lionel Messi. Most of the games take place in Buenos Aires, the Argentine capitol. Even if you can’t catch a game, you’ll be sure to see evidence of the country’s widespread obsession with paraphernalia and soccer playing teens scattered throughout. Check out where to stay in Buenos Aires, and pick between the crumbling architecture of the boutique hotels in San Telmo or the posh modern sky rises of Puerto Madero.

South Africa

If you’re any kind of soccer fan you already know that the 2010 World Cup is going off in South Africa next July. This gives soccer fans from around the world the perfect opportunity to see all the world’s teams compete toward one major distinction: the best team in the world. Don’t miss Spain battle Brazil, or Italy take on the US in what is aiming to be the biggest sporting even the world has seen yet. Of course you’ll be there, by utilizing FrugalMonkey’s online travel guide to South Africa.

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