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Sports related travel is increasingly popular, especially now with so many great travel deals available.

If you’re a sports fan or perhaps someone in your family is, consider taking a vacation that centers around experiencing sporting events. When there are popular sporting events in any one area, you can expect that flight prices, hotels and even other expenses like food and car rentals will be more expensive. This is because with the expected influx and increased demand on travel-related amenities, hotels and airlines can get away with charging more. This is one reason to book ahead of time and to not rely on last minute travel deals when you want to see some of the world’s best and most exciting sporting events.

Check out two great sporting events that you can plan fun and exciting family vacations around.

One such sporting event is for our winter sport-loving friends. The Winter Olympic Games held in Vancouver B.C begins in the winter of 2010. This means bobsledding, ski jumping, moguls, speed skating and everyone’s favorite: curling, will be happening live just north of the America’s border. Take your family on a ski vacation to Calgary and then check out the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Or, start with a ski vacation to the northwest followed up by up close and personal live sports at the Games!

Our next best sports-related vacation is for summer sports fan. The 2010 World Cup in South Africa is a great time to experience not only one of the biggest and most widely watched sporting events in the world but to also experience travel to one of the coolest and most diverse countries on the globe. To find out more about the 2010 World Cup and to locate related travel deals check back with our FrugalMonkey blog or take a look at our full country profile and section on the upcoming World Cup. It’s the perfect vacation for soccer fans and sports lovers!

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