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You’ve probably spent some time scouring the Internet looking for web deals and specials, but here at FrugalMonkey we have it all in one place!

Take a look at some of the resources available on the site. Each and everyone of them makes travel planning interesting, easy, and fun! We even have destination guides to help you plan your trip. Take some time and find out exactly what you can access by just a few clicks through FugalMonkey.

First and foremost, everything on FrugalMonkey is free of charge. From blog posts to our free weekly travel newsletter, when you visit FrugalMonkey you can rest easy knowing that everything you read is up to date, accurate and of course, free, free, free!

Destination Guides

We read that a larger and larger portion of travelers are looking for travel deals online before they even know where they want to go! To us, it seems crazy, but it makes sense if you want to get away and your budget is your first concern. If this applies to you and your travel pocketbook, then take a look at some of our destination guides. We provide free online travel resources for different countries and top travel locations like Mexico, South Africa, Argentina, Greece, and Australia. We also provide travel information including city guides, hotel recommendations, and seasonal activities for places like Hawaii and Australia. You won’t have a  hard time finding a place you want to visit on FrugalMonkey, but you might just have a hard time narrowing down your favorite pick!

Travel Jobs

Some want to travel for a week or two out of the year, but there are those who want to travel as a career! On FrugalMonkey we see the travel industry not only as a great way to getaway, but also the perfect way to launch a new job. Take your career to new heights with information on working in the travel industry. We outline ways in which you can work full-time or just seasonally as a travel industry employer. Learn about working in the cruise ship industry, or, in a resort job. Find out about teaching English abroad, or landing a volunteer position. All of these are ways of enjoying travel but doing so through work, rather than a vacation. Find it all on FrugalMonkey!

Travel Advice and Blog

You will also notice when stumbling around, that the FrugalMonkey blog gives you weekly advice on the week’s travel industry news. Here you will find special flight and hotel deals, last minute travel ideas, and amazing web discounts. We’ve done all the hard work for you, so sit back and check out the blog. You will learn about the growing trends of Ecotourism, and about the best travel deals for that week and the upcoming season. It’s all here!

Lastly, don’t forget to check out information like traveling as an Air Courier, or travel auction sites where great last minute deals can be found. These are just a few of the excellent resources available to those savvy travelers who visit FrugalMonkey for their destination travel deals! Check it out!

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