Great Flights and Eco Vacations to Costa Rica

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Want to take an unforgettable vacation? Want to swim in crystal clear waters, go hiking, backpacking, and sea kayaking on your trip? Want to experience the ultimate adventure vacation while taking in some of the most gorgeous views of your life?

Then we have the vacation for you. The best part is, you can enjoy all of this and more while you rest easy knowing it’s cheap and environmentally friendly as well. We’re talking about a vacation to Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is one of the top vacation destinations for North American travelers visiting Central America. Its beauty is legendary and its cities are equipped with enough modern luxury and metropolis savvy to entertain city-lovers, while being utterly close to an unparalleled wilderness. Traveling to Costa Rica is nothing less than breathtaking, exciting, beautiful, romantic, enjoyable, and amazing.

Costa Rica is also known however, for being incredibly environmentally conscious and is one of the most notable eco friendly countries in Central America. Where most of Costa Rica’s neighbors have poorly managed tourism and their natural resources, Costa Rica has done the opposite. Ecotourism in Costa Rica is an important part of the tourism that drives their economy. As such, you can expect to take some of the best eco tours of your life while on vacation in Costa Rica. It also has a number of environmentally friendly parks and eco lodges as well. They are also highly ranked for the amount of land protected by the government meaning that while you’re on vacation, you simply must visit one of the National Parks in Costa Rica, for an up close and personal experience with local wildlife.

Although booking your trip ahead of time is a guaranteed way to find low flight prices, there are some last minute flight deals that certainly deserve a second look. Right now you can consistently find flights to Costa Rica on most major airlines for as little as $235.

Although most of them come in closer to $350, this is an incredible travel deal that simply begs you to book! Also, if you want to enjoy Costa Rica in the lap of luxury, book the Paradisus Playa Conchal Resort. It’s only $159 a night for this all-inclusive experience and that’s 50% off previous prices!

If for some reason a trip to Costa Rica is a little too far to travel, don’t forget about the number of summer travel deals to places like Hawaii and Mexico that are readily available. Both of these locations offer many of the same attractions as Costa Rica and are more accessible from the United States with many more flights to and from. Regardless, keep in mind that the summer vacation of a lifetime is right around the corner. We’re simply suggesting you consider a FrugalMonkey favorite: Costa Rica!

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