Safari in South Africa

in South Africa

As summer moves along we wanted to put together something of a dream vacation for all you eager travelers. We recently read that a larger and larger percentage of travelers are looking for vacation ideas and travel deals before even picking a location. In light of this, we decided to highlight a travel adventure of epic proportions. Get off the couch and get serious about this summer’s coolest vacation: a South African safari!

The wildlife in South Africa is some of the most classically beautiful in the world. You can expect to see cheetahs, elephants, buffalo, lions and rhinos. What’s the best way to see all of these creatures up close and personal? You guessed it, a South African Safari! We did some searching and came across Africa Travel Inc. A company located in California that specializes in eco-friendly, safe, yet exciting South African safaris. Visit their site and rest easy knowing that a portion of their profits are directed toward helping South African wildlife, by donating to projects like Cheetah Outreach.

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