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If you’re an environmentally conscious traveler, then we have the perfect vacation idea for you and your family.

You’ve probably heard about ecotourism, the growing trend of traveling while trying to make as minimal an impact on the environment as possible.  Within that same vein, eco-tours are a popular way to travel using these green ideals.

Eco-tours are a growing trend around the world where businesses and tour groups take vacationers through the wilderness or land-area in a way that is educational, adventurous, and safe for the environment. In this way tourism is regulated to ensure that a minimal impact is made on the delicate eco systems around the world-an emerging trend. Here, find out more about ecotourism through our Green Travel section and additionally, feast your eyes on some amazing eco-tours. If you do them all, you might find yourself traveling around the world!

Costa Rica

The eco-tours in Costa Rica are second to none. The wildlife and nature in Cost Rica are some of the most beautiful in the world. Additionally, the Costa Rican government has made a large push toward green ideals in recent years and the eco-tours available in this country are truly breathtaking as a result. A large number of the eco-tours available will take you through national parks, to locations that are not open to the general public. This is to ensure that any patrons to the park are following eco-friendly regulations.


Jump across the ocean to Africa and experience eco-friendly travel at its best by enjoying an eco-tour in Kenya. Kenya has over 50 protected national parks, many of which have areas that are only accessible by guided tour. See elephants, rain forests, desert plains, rhinos, and more when you book an eco-tour in Kenya. All of this in combination with the added enjoyment of knowing that you are traveling in a way that is good for the environment. What could be better?


Back over to Central America for an eco-tour through a national park that has one of the largest growing Coral Reefs in the world. Belize has a staggering 41% of its parks and natural resources protected making the beauty of the country a treasure that future generations can enjoy.

Find out about ecotourism in Belize and enjoy an incredible vacation.


Don’t sell the United States short, there are a lot of amazing things still yet to see! Like the Last Frontier for example, where eco tours in Alaska are growing in popularity as well as in their ability to help save the environment. These of course include fishing tours, white water rafting, and educational trips!

Booking eco tours is a great way to experience your vacation, see new places, and do so in a way that isn’t harmful. Find out more about green travel through our section on ecotourism and book yourself an incredible and eco-friendly trip!

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