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Most visitors to Hong Kong spend their time shopping up a storm or hitting the casinos in nearby Macau. These tourists leave the Chinese region with a large hole in their finances, and little sense of Hong Kong’s culture. We’ve looked at some great tourist attractions in Hong Kong before, but in this article we […]

Hong Kong is regarded as one of the jewels of the East, a vacation destination where you can shop up a storm and live in luxury. However it’s still possible to enjoy this exotic Asian country on a budget with several free or frugal tourist attractions. One of Hong Kong’s greatest quirks is the world’s […]

We all know that counterfeit goods are bad, but those affordable handbag copies and super-cheap pirated DVDs hawked in Asian marketplaces are mighty tempting. While we’d never encourage loading up your suitcase with these faux products, if you can’t help yourself we suggest frequenting the following cheap and cheerful shopping centers. Thailand is the king […]

A tailored suit is one of life’s luxuries that those of us on a budget can rarely experience. But if you’re planning a trip to Asia, there’s no better time to indulge. Tailors in cities around the continent can create fully lined suits in your choice of fabric for a fraction of the price you’ll […]

Halloween tends to be regarded as an American holiday, but Hong Kong’s Disneyland Resort is getting into the spirit with its Haunted Halloween celebrations. Maleficent, the devilish queen of Sleeping Beauty, is behind the event. She’s furious that she’s never been invited to a Halloween party, so she’s taking matters into her own evil hands. […]

Most of us think of Hong Kong as a fast-paced destination designed for adults with cash to splash or healthy dim sum sized appetites. But it’s actually a great family vacation spot. Here are a few tourist attractions that kids and their parents will enjoy. Hong Kong’s most popular tourist attraction is Victoria Peak, a […]

When international travelers think of Asia they think of technological innovation, a bustling lifestyle, and all that delicious food. While Asia’s cities buzz, its national parks are a real draw card for tourists looking to get back to nature. The following parks, many of which are UNESCO World and Natural Heritage sites, are amongst Asia’s […]

We all know Hong Kong is one of the world’s best shopping destinations. But how do you ensure you don’t return home with maxed out credit cards? // Just follow our tips to help your dollar go further, and make the most of your spending spree, in this Asian shopping mecca. Treat yourself to a […]

Many Asian locations are about the culture and rich history, but not Hong Kong. A visit to this thoroughly modern country is simply an excuse to spoil yourself! Get yourself into holiday mode with a trip to The Oriental Spa at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental. Measuring a whopping 2300 meters square, it’s not surprising to […]

Hong Kong is a buzzing metropolis, the kind of place where nothing sits still for every long. Yet in the center of the city is Hong Kong Park, a green oasis which takes you back to nature and provides respite from the thrumming city outside. The eight hectare park was opened in May 1991. From […]