Bag a Bargain at Hong Kong’s Shopping Sales

in Hong Kong

We all know Hong Kong is one of the world’s best shopping destinations.

But how do you ensure you don’t return home with maxed out credit cards?


Just follow our tips to help your dollar go further, and make the most of your spending spree, in this Asian shopping mecca.

Treat yourself to a few extra presents; after Christmas it seems like every store in Hong Kong is having a sale. Look for bargains at the major shopping malls rather than markets and family-owned boutiques; The Landmark, The Galleria, Alexandra House, and Prince’s Building should offer up some great bargains, particularly on designer goods.

Hong Kong celebrates its annual Shopping Festival from the end of June to the end of August. Keep your eyes peeled for stores displaying the Hong Kong Festival signs. You can expect to save more than 50% on plenty of goods in these stores, especially on end-of-season fashion items. And that’s just the prices on the shelves. For even bigger savings, get your hands on a promotional brochure released by Hong Kong Tourism. It’s filled with discount coupons to help you save even more. With most stores extending their trading hours during the festival until at least 10 pm, you’ll have even longer to snap up those bargains.

If you are planning a Hong Kong shopping spree it’s important to be prepared. Make sure you dress comfortably and wear sensible shoes. Take a good handbag stocked up with a list of stores you hope to hit, a bottle of water, your discount coupons, and of course a well stocked wallet. And most of all, remember to have fun! Don’t let the crowds or too-small stilettos discourage you, because shopping in Hong Kong is meant to be enjoyed.

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