Hong Kong Disneyland Celebrates Halloween – Spooky Fun at Family Theme Park

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Halloween tends to be regarded as an American holiday, but Hong Kong’s Disneyland Resort is getting into the spirit with its Haunted Halloween celebrations.

Maleficent, the devilish queen of Sleeping Beauty, is behind the event.

She's furious that she's never been invited to a Halloween party, so she's taking matters into her own evil hands. Once the sun goes down each Thursday to Sunday until the end of the month, Maleficent promises to give families visiting Hong Kong Disneyland a thrill. Main Street U.S.A. is ordinarily full of life, but this month it's transformed into a Ghost Town. Specters will walk the eerily lit streets, so look out for those ghostly gatherings! Adventureland's also had a spooky makeover. It's now a tribal burial ground, where zombies and long forgotten tribal warriors are on hand to give their evening guests a chilly reception. Tomorrowland will be jumping though with the Inferno Dance Party. Some of Disney's creepiest villains, including the Queen of Hearts and Snow White's witch, will boogie with the crowds to everyone's favorite retro hits. [caption id="attachment_4416" align="alignright" width="150" caption="The evil Maleficent"]The evil Maleficent[/caption] Even the most famous rides have been touched by Maleficent's hands. The Adventureland Jungle is a little more demonic, and the park's most popular roller coaster has been newly christened Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. But of course, Maleficent has saved her best work for Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Once the sun goes down, onlookers will be treated to a stunningly spooky pyrotechnic show known as Nightmare in the Sky. The castle will seem to be engulfed by thorns and red hot flames as digital projections, lights, and music come together in one spectacular show. So why only celebrate on October 31? At Hong Kong Disneyland they think the whole month deserves a good scare!

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