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Beijing has long been regarded as one of the world’s most expensive vacation destinations, but the tide is turning.

When the city hosted the Olympic Games in 2008, a host of mid-priced accommodation options opened up to meet tourist demand. With the knowledge of these hotels in hands, and a little bit of local knowledge, a stay in the Chinese capital need not break the bank.

The Hai Dian district is close to Beijing’s university, so its accommodation is affordable for the youth that frequent the area. The Friendship Hotel and Xin Xing Hotel have all the leisure and business features you’d hope for at moderate rates. The Beijing Xin Ze Hotel is another affordable option that’s both clean and conveniently located.

Travelers will also not be disappointed staying in Dong Cheng, as historical sites are close at hand and the train station nearby. While there are some expensive accommodation options in this district, you’ll save money staying at the hostels and hotels north of Tiananmen Square. The City Central International Youth Hostel is another great option for budget travelers who value location.

Beijing’s restaurants are not as expensive as in many Asian tourist areas, so don’t be afraid to frequent them. In fact, choosing cheap food from Chinese street vendors could expose you to illness, so it often pays to indulge in well-cooked restaurant meals.

Beijing’s public transport system can be difficult for foreigners to navigate unless they’re familiar with the language. To ensure you get where you want to go and back again, ask your hotel concierge to write your destination on the back of a business card. You can then simply present this to a taxi driver on your way out, and do the same on the return journey.

You’ll certainly want to travel to some of the historical sites near the capital, as they’re amongst the world’s best. No trip to China would be complete without seeing The Great Wall. The most convenient viewing area from Beijing in Badaling Pass, located about 55 miles away. It’s a very touristy spot to see The Wall, but also a beautiful part of this monument. It’s worth spending the money for a cable car ride, as it will save your legs and provide an excellent aerial photo opportunity.

The Great Wall of China photo

The Great Wall of China

The Forbidden City is also not to be missed, so don’t stress about the small entrance fee. It’s easily forgotten once you’re inside the majestic palace. Commoners were not permitted to enter the grounds for five centuries, so consider yourself lucky to visit!

Tiananmen Square may be one of Beijing’s greatest free attractions. Once it was a place of protest and civil unrest, but today this paved park is brimming with life. Spend time watching Chinese children flying elaborate kites, and help them with their English if they approach you. This place is all about simple pleasures, so lap them up without spending a cent!

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