Important Indulgence in Beijing – What’s Worth the Splurge in China

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As with most of the world’s capital cities, it’s very easy to spend money in Beijing. But travelers should resist the urge to be too frugal in the Chinese capital.

See also: China on a Budget. A little extravagance can be the best way to enjoy your Beijing vacation, and stay safe.

Food and drink are two areas where it pays to splurge a little. Scrimping could compromise your health, so be careful when buying from street vendors. When in doubt, you can generally rely on restaurants. The safest meals are piping hot, as the cooking process kills any lingering bacteria. Raw vegetables and unbottled water should be avoided. Even bottled water should be approached with caution; if its seal is broken, its quality cannot be guaranteed.

Beijing’s hectic pace can also make public transport difficult to navigate, particularly for anyone who doesn’t speak the language. Taxi drivers can get you where you want to go, and in most cases they’ll charge a reasonable price. If you aren’t fluent in Chinese, make sure you ask your concierge to write your destination in Chinese on the back of your hotel business card. You can reuse this card at the end of the day to return to your accommodation.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

And finally, don’t be so stingy that you miss out on the world famous attractions on Beijing’s doorstep. While you can see the Great Wall of China for free, it’s worth spending money on the cable car in Badaling. It’ll save your time and feet, and you can capture some breathtaking photos of the wall from the air.

And don’t let the small entry fee stop you from seeing The Forbidden City. The majesty of the palace, Imperial Garden, and Halls of Heavenly Purity and Supreme Harmony are worth more than the cost you’ll pay to see them.

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