Travel the Australian Outback

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People typically flock to Australia’s many cities for their vacation. Ocean beaches, cultural events, shopping, restaurants and the exotic experience of new sights, sounds, animals and foods await any visitor. However towards the center of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth is a fusion of luxury and the great outdoors that is impossible to pass up, when you step foot into the reddened desert of the Australian outback. Travel to the outback has been a popular vacation for adventure lovers for decades except that now, you can see the rippling sand dunes of the red desert from a more luxurious point of view. Longitude 131, Ayres Rock and Kings Canyon Resort are some of the most spectacular and luxurious hotel stays offered in Australia and each of them reside within the Australian outback. A five star desert hotel, immaculate high end camping tents and a range of outdoors tours make your vacation into the Australian outback the perfect combination of exploration and comfort.

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