Queensland Island, The Great Barrier Reef and the Best Job in The World

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Check out what’s going on in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef!

It’s no surprise that island beaches, sunny skies and crystal clear waters are almost everyone’s idea of paradise. And Australia is the perfect place to find that – especially if you travel near the Gold Coast in Queensland. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest living organism housing hundreds of species of marine life in an underwater universe. Travelers to Australia commonly dive in the islands in and around the Great Barrier Reef to see all the amazing fish and colorful coral filled waters. It is an incredible tourist draw for travelers.

But the Gold Coast Great Barrier Reef has been in the news a lot lately as home to the Best Job in The World.  Right now island officials are searching for someone to live on one of the islands as an official caretaker. This means feeding fish, taking note of the wildlife, cleaning and generally observing so that the island is as pristine as possible. Living in this dream come will only happen for one lucky individual. Check out Islandreefjob.com to learn more about all the press the Great Barrier Reef is receiving.

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