Wine and dine with travel to Australia

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Bad news for Napa but excellent news for travel buffs and wine connoisseurs, Australia’s wines are making an excellent impression among industry professionals. In a recent blind taste test, wines from Clare Valley, Eden Valley, Tasmania and Western Australia competed well against Rieslings and Chardonnays from Europe and North America. So much so that despite Australia’s recent bout with bad weather, the current global economy, an invasion from harmful caterpillars and if you can believe it even more unnamed trouble with local harvests, Australian wines are garnering some serious attention. While wine regions such as Perth, Australia have been popular among wine lovers for decades (Perth has a famous wine cruise) this new increase in quality and standard is bringing wine lovers and travelers to Australia in droves.

Australia has traditionally been known for having exceptional Chardonnays, but old vine reds and other varieties are starting to become serious contenders for the top of list among educated wine lovers. The diversity of the cold region wines produced in Australia and the quality of wines now emerging make Australia an excellent travel destination for those who love to wine and dine in the shadow of an outback sunset.

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