Summer Flight Deals are Heating Up

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Enjoy amazing summer flight deals to some of FrugalMonkey’s favorite locations. That includes international and domestic travel to locations like Australia and Hawaii. This week we found some amazing flight deals to both these locations as airlines do their best to lure in summer travelers.

Qantas has recently launched deals for incredibly cheap flight to Australia. To counter suit so have other airlines, meaning that you can flights from the United States to Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne for very low prices. Some as low as $588 round trip! Before booking, check out our section on Australian travel to help plan your vacation.

People traveling to Hawaii are enjoying some of the lowest island prices in years and that includes flights. Right now you can fly to Hawaii first class from the continental United States for as low as $522. When has first class to Hawaii ever been that affordable? Fly now and fly in style as you enjoy cheap flights to the Hawaiian Islands.

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