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Adventure tourism is turning the lazy, luxury traveler into a thing of the past. Now you can 4X4 in a South American desert, rock climb, dog sled, dive into a cave with sharks swimming all around you, pet dolphins, hike or backpack national forests or photograph endangered species on an African safari.

It seems that this new wave of adventure tourism is taking over – full speed. While these newest vacation highlights are starting to don the cover of travel magazines, there have been adventure vacationers for decades who have traveled the globe in search of only one thing: the perfect wave.

Surfers are perhaps the original adventure vacationers, chasing summer and waves all over the world. These fun loving vagabonds represent the beginning of adventure travel in all its glory. But surfing isn’t only for elite surfers and world renowned pros – now you can chase waves and the idea of endless summer easier than ever before, with these amazing travel deals and vacations ideas! If you love to surf, laying on the beach or simply love being outside, these are the vacations FrugalMonkey suggests for you:

South Africa
If you want to take the time and read up on all the sporting events in South Africa, you won’t be disappointed by your options. But when you have a country surrounded almost entirely by a coastline, you’re likely to find surfing as well. Surfing is a way of life in many South African towns. If you love to surf and are feeling the need to travel, you can easily enjoy the many surfing camps, exciting cultural endeavors and cheap travel deals that can be found going into South Africa. Right now, several airlines are offering cheaper then normal travel deals into this surfing haven. Book now and begin planning your own endless summer!

It’s no surprise that for a country entirely surrounded by water and with coastlines called ‘The Gold Coast‘ that surfing is popular in Australia.

On almost any of Australia’s western beaches you can find people surfing. With good weather year round, and amazingly cheap travel deals (like one-way flights from San Francisco or Los Angeles on Qantas for $299) it’s hard to say no, if you love to catch waves and have an excellent time in the water. Be on the lookout for good surf schools, competitions and wave after wave of adventure travel-fun.

Adventure tourism in Hawaii is nothing new. In fact part of the incredible allure to Hawaii is the fun you can have outdoors in one of the most stunning landscapes in the world. Surfing is almost synonymous with adventure in Hawaii as well. World renowned competitions and surfers continue to call Hawaii their home with surfers dotting nearly every coastline. For beginners however, there couldn’t be a better place to start. Many of the hotels have information on local surf schools and by simply walking around the ocean shores you can find someone to teach you the ropes. With such incredible travel deals into Hawaii you can’t miss an opportunity to surf the Hawaii shores with cheap flights, cruises and hotel stays making it that much easier.

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