Students, you’re already shelling out enough money when it comes to books, housing, and tuition, so don’t get caught overspending when it comes to travel too! College students are among one of the largest percentages of those who travel. Study abroad programs, long summer vacations, or even a semester off from school provides the perfect […]

Although soccer has been the world’s most popular sport for decades it is certainly making a push toward the mainstream. Here in the United States, a bigger and bigger following is gathering behind local and MLS teams and it isn’t uncommon to see hoards of college students crowding bars to watch teams like Barcelona play […]

For this week’s feature destination we set our sights on South America and incredible travel information on Argentina. In case you didn’t know, FrugalMonkey has an entire section on travel to Argentina including vacation destinations outside of Buenos Aires, fun day trips, information for wine lovers and ski vacations for winter outdoorsmen. Check out just […]

Wine has always lent itself to travel. Visiting new places and enjoying the local flavors is a favorite among almost any traveler. You don’t have to break the bank either, to enjoy incredible international wine tours and travel. Check out a couple of our FrugalMonkey destinations that are perfect for those who want to wet […]

San Carlos de Bariloche might be a small mark on the world map, but it is a huge favorite among South American travelers. Bariloche is probably most popularly known for its incredible skiing located at Cerro Catedral, one of the South America’s largest mountains for skiers. However, it is also beloved because of the enormous […]

It seems that every week we discuss in some way how the economy is effecting travel prices. This week is no different as the dollar continues to strengthen against foreign currencies, flight prices lower to fill planes and hotels throw out deal after deal in order to entice travelers to book accommodations. So where are […]

If you’ve ever thought about embarking on an exciting South American adventure, then consider a vacation to one of South America’s most inviting and adventurous countries – Argentina! Argentina has become a favorite among travelers for several reasons. The first is the wide variety of activities that can be found there. Because of the vast […]

Thousands of expatriates and hundreds of travel articles are buzzing about travel in Argentina. One of the world’s most culturally rich countries (with world famous wine and steak) has travelers in a tizzy over the activities and vacations available at a fraction of normal vacation costs. Because of the favorable exchange rate to the peso, […]

Some people consider the perfect vacation sipping martinis by the pool a few hours before their massage. However, a new breed of vacation is becoming more popular among backpackers and travelers. Adventure vacations are throwing the traditional vacation to the wayside and inventing an entirely new way to experience travel. Now, you can mountain climb, […]

Traveling to Patagonia is one of the greatest outdoor adventure vacations travelers can possibly take. Accessible from both Argentina and Chile, people venture to the end of the earth to view glaciers, the famous mountains of Torres del Paine and the vast landscape of Patagonian beauty. Even high-end travel is earning a following; Argentina’s cool […]