Take Patagonian travel to the extreme and go for a cruise in Antarctica

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Traveling to Patagonia is one of the greatest outdoor adventure vacations travelers can possibly take.

Accessible from both Argentina and Chile, people venture to the end of the earth to view glaciers, the famous mountains of Torres del Paine and the vast landscape of Patagonian beauty. Even high-end travel is earning a following; Argentina’s cool region wines and the gorgeous hotels that can be found there are bringing in a more diverse crowd than simply the adventure loving backpacker. It seems everyone’s interest has been peaked by the increase in travel to Patagonia. Now, visitors can find luxury hotels, restaurants and all the amenities surrounding a more comfortable style of travel. Although, in order to access some of the more beautiful views and to get the true Patagonian experience, some outdoor hiking and toughness is a requirement.

Patagonian travelers however, are taking their ventures further than ever before. Thousands of travelers each year are accessing the icy waters and the cold deserts of Antarctica with cruises leaving from Ushuaia, Argentina. Travel into Antarctica has seen an incredible increase in the last few years. In fact, in the last decade the number of travelers has quadrupled, growing to more than 45,000 visitors in the 2007-2008 season alone. The popularity of going where very few people have gone before in addition to the intrigue traveling to such an isolated part of the world entails is capturing the imaginations and pocket books of seasoned travelers and tourists. While cruises into Antarctica were previously only accessible through special cargo ships, now an entire industry has emerged that provides cruises within and around Antarctica. Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess and Holland all offer and provide a tour into the icy South. However, small ships and private operators have cornered a portion of the market by providing an even more adventuresome vacation than the larger cruise liners. Regardless of the outfitter you book with, Antarctic cruises will cost a pretty penny.

The first issue in sailing the waters of the Antarctic is getting to a launch point. Since Antarctica is located so far south, you first need to travel very long distances in order to access the boats that will take you there. Additionally, sailing in such potentially dangerous waters and in places very few people have traveled before requires special equipment and boats. The length of an Antarctic cruise is usually around 15 days in order to travel the area safely, access ports for land tours and to simply cover such a large distance.

As a result, going on an Antarctic cruise isn’t as cheap or comfortable as sailing the Gulf of Mexico, for example. Tours can easily run as much as $10,000 a person and are considered in the industry adventuresome tours. Simple put, don’t expect to be lounging on the deck with a margarita in your hand – the elements are harsh and safety measures are taken very seriously by tour operators.

The pay off you receive by traveling to such an untapped region of the world is worth any time and money you pay to get there. Simply put, it is the experience of a lifetime. Because of weather conditions most tours only operate during the summer season in the Southern Hemisphere. As such, most travelers see Antarctica from October – February when the weather is warm and water conditions are at their best. Just think, a cruise through Antarctica as the perfect end to your vacation in Argentina.

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