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Some people consider the perfect vacation sipping martinis by the pool a few hours before their massage.

However, a new breed of vacation is becoming more popular among backpackers and travelers. Adventure vacations are throwing the traditional vacation to the wayside and inventing an entirely new way to experience travel. Now, you can mountain climb, horseback ride, camp, backpack, snorkel, dive into shark cages, ski, snowboard, surf, dog sled, parachute, parasail, windsurf, fish, hunt and anything else your adventurous heart desires more so then ever before.

New vacation outfitters that cater to the adventuresome spirit are becoming more and more popular. Even through cruise lines and luxury vacation providers there are new options for the more active vacationer. For example, years ago, rock climbing was something you had to go out of your way to experience. Now, even cruise ships are offering rock climbing walls and lessons as if it were as common as shuffleboard or happy hour. People are demanding vacations with more adventure and the industry is delivering.

While the common vacation to Mendoza, Argentina for instance might have only involved wine tours and delicious steak, backpackers are now enjoying whitewater rafting, rock climbing and backpacking as an integral part of their vacation plans. Some extremists seek out providers who lead tours up to Aconcagua (the tallest mountain in the western hemisphere).

Whether you’re eager to lie on the beach or go shark cage diving in South Africa it seems you can find an adventure on almost any vacation. The next time you’re traveling with your family consider looking up adventure tours. Kids love it, parents enjoy the new experience and fun is had for all. Many adventure tours are quite reasonable since their peak in popularity. You could be dog sledding the Iditarod trail, heli-skiing in the Canadian Rockies or snorkeling off the coast of Hawaii. First timers are common and lessons are usually available for all ages. So take your next vacation to the extreme and go on an adventure!

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