Wine Lovers Check Out These Great International Destinations

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Wine has always lent itself to travel. Visiting new places and enjoying the local flavors is a favorite among almost any traveler.

You don’t have to break the bank either, to enjoy incredible international wine tours and travel. Check out a couple of our FrugalMonkey destinations that are perfect for those who want to wet their whistle and enjoy some of the world’s finest wines.

Mendoza, Argentina is making a name for itself on the world wine scene. Just a few years ago Argentina was barely on the radar for producing fine wines and now it is fifth in the world for exports. Travelers enjoy visiting Argentina because of the exciting South American culture, gorgeous landscape and fine wines and steaks. Mendoza, located in Argentina’s north is the perfect destination for travelers on a budget because Argentina is one of the most affordable countries that FrugalMonkey features. Because of the favorable exchange rate, travelers from any demographic can enjoy cheap flights and hotel accommodations while combing the country for South American adventures. Known for it’s world-famous Malbec varieties, travelers are flocking to Mendoza year-round to enjoy this new and exciting red wine. Wine tours, outdoors activities and excellent food await any visitor. For more information on travel to Mendoza check out our profile on travel to Argentina.

Another amazing wine-destination for travelers is South Africa. South African wines are nothing new to the country, who has been experiencing cultivation since the early 1700’s. Now a much more mature wine culture has emerged and travelers can enjoy extraordinary flavors and vacations while visiting South African wine country. The dry and arid regions of the country provide the perfect climate for wine growth and the excellent weather and exotic landscapes make it a favorite among travelers. For a full profile on travel to South Africa including a number of details on booking a wine-focused vacation, be sure to check out our website. Don’t forget that the World Cup is coming to South Africa next year, making it an excellent time to kill two birds with one travel stone. Keep that in mind when you’re making travel plans.

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