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For this week’s feature destination we set our sights on South America and incredible travel information on Argentina.

In case you didn’t know, FrugalMonkey has an entire section on travel to Argentina including vacation destinations outside of Buenos Aires, fun day trips, information for wine lovers and ski vacations for winter outdoorsmen.

Check out just a few of the locations and vacations awaiting you after you take a flight to Argentina.

One of the reasons we picked Argentina is because it is so affordable for travelers to visit this time of year. It is currently low-season for South American travel which means flight prices are lower than normal and there are less tourists in the cities and at destination hot-spots. This means hotel prices and tour prices are lower then normal, but an excellent vacation is still almost a guarantee.

Travel Tip: Flying or traveling to places that are currently in low season is a great way to create savings on your vacation.

If you’re a fan of snow sports, then actually, it’s high season for you. South America and Argentina specifically is home to two of the largest ski resorts in the region. Las Lenas and Bariloche are both world famous ski towns and resorts located in Argentina. Both are located some distance from the capital, Buenos Aires, but nothing a short flight can’t fix. Las Lenas is located near Mendoza, Argentina which means fitting in some wine tasting is an excellent idea if you want to combine your interest of skiing or snowboarding with a wine tasting in Argentina.

Bariloche is near Santiago, Chile. So, you want to check out some other amazing South American vacation destinations you are near by. Plus, there is the added bonus of saying that you’ve visited Patagonia.

Check out our full country profile on Argentina travel on FrugalMonkey and plan the perfect summer and winter vacation.

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