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What better way to highlight some of our favorite travel destinations and travel jobs than showing first hand the type of travel information available on FrugalMonkey. Check it out!

Where to Go
If you’re looking for a great family, personal or romantic vacation, take a look at some of our country profiles.

Our profiles include travel information on the feature country, places to go while you visit, city profiles, hotel information, sports and outdoors activities in addition to information on local wine and food.

Alaska is the Last Frontier and one of our favorite vacation destinations. Whether you want to enjoy Alaska by cruising through glacier waters, taking a trip on the Alaska Railroad, enjoying a summer working the Alaskan fishing industry or by camping in one of its famous National Parks, Frugal Monkey has all the pertinent travel information you’ll need for a trip up North. Be sure to check out this FrugalMonkey favorite when considering your next vacation.

FrugalMonkey likes to travel and that includes destinations like this South American favorite. In our Argentina section you’ll learn about Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Patagonia and Iguazu. Our section on Argentine culture will help you learn more about this exciting place, including the country’s obsession with soccer, wine and tango.

Surfers, sun-worshipers and travelers alike flock to the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef as well as the Australian Outback. Learn more about this incredible travel destination through our profile on Australian travel.

Once we put the idea of Greece in your head it won’t be long before you’re purchasing your flight to Athens. Our section on Greece has everything you’d want to know about traveling to this Mediterranean paradise. We even include a section on Grecian customs and how to fly with pets to Greece. It’s all there, so take a look!

Hawaii is a North American favorite for getting away. Our section includes information on every Hawaiian Island in addition to hotels and activities you will find there. Start planning your vacation to Hawaii now, with FrugalMonkey’s guide to Hawaiian travel. You’ll be snorkeling off the coast and riding bareback on the beach in no time. Also, keep an eye out for amazing travel deals to Hawaii. Prices have never been lower!

Mexico has something for everyone and so does our section on travel to Mexico. We give you an excellent look at some of the best beach destinations in the country, but we also highlight cool things to do in Mexico City including Mexico’s best restaurants and hotels!

South Africa
South Africa has it all: beaches, restaurants, amazing hotels, wildlife, adventure, romance and casual fun. It also has a big event coming up: The 2010 World Cup. Our entire section on World Cup travel will help you plan the perfect South African vacation.

Traveling is great, but if you can’t afford it, the idea can be rather depressing. For the budget traveler and student, we put together some amazing information regarding travel jobs. You will learn about cruise ship jobs, resort jobs, working abroad, volunteering abroad as well as teaching English. Check out our job board as well, for up to date information on recently available travel jobs.

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