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This week, we’re featuring Hawaii and bringing you all the best discounts and promotions to get you and your family on an amazing summer vacation, while doing so on a manageable budget.

Hawaii has been on our travel radar for a while and if you’ve been reading our blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed. Travel to Hawaii is in a lull mainly due to problems with the economy. People who used to travel regularly are putting luxuries such as Hawaiian travel on hold in order to save money. The result however, means that the Hawaiian travel industry is in a major slump and the state’s economy as a whole is suffering. In order to entice travelers to the region hotels, cruise liners, flights and vacation packages are slashing prices – making Hawaii not only an amazing destination for luxury travel but now, an affordable one.

Vacationers can find flights to Hawaii for prices lower than they have been in years. Prices from the west coast were coming in around $600 just last year. This year however, you can find flight discounts from the west coast to Hawaii for as little as $299, with some specials offering deals as low as $150 for one-way flights. This makes the Hawaiian Islands more accessible then they have been in years and travelers are taking advantage. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at some of these amazing vacation deals to Hawaii!

For as little as $529 you can enjoy four nights in Honolulu at a Maile Sky Court or similar hotel, including airfare from Los Angeles or Seattle. Other prices from west coast cities include flights from San Francisco or Portland for $579 and $779 from Denver. These prices are valid through mid-July when they change, but only slightly.

Keep an eye out for amazing travel deals to Hawaii. Additionally, keep an eye peeled for deals listed on our blog – we’re on the hunt to bring you only the best!

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