Unforgettable Hawaiian Vacations

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A vacation to Hawaii is almost always unforgettable. Sunning on white sand beaches, enjoying hand delivered mojitos, (more) fresh fruit cocktails, day spas, golf and a number of outdoors activities are hard to pass up.

It gets even better for eager vacationers as cheap flights to Hawaii are getting cheaper. Although flight experts are saying flight prices won’t go any lower, they continue to amaze budget travelers by getting more and more affordable. Right now, book a flight to Hawaii from the west coast for as little as $400 round trip on almost any major airline. That is pennies considering the same flight might have cost you nearly twice that price a year ago. With that in mind, FrugalMonkey’s free online guide to travel in Hawaii is here to show you just a few of the unforgettable experiences awaiting you during your upcoming trip to Hawaii.

Maui Beaches
Maui is one of the most well known islands for travelers visiting Hawaii. It’s beaches, like those found on Lahaina and Kihei are two of the most famous. There you will find snorkeling, swimming, surfing, off shore boating and other activities along with a number of close in restaurants, bars and shops. Learn about hotels in Maui, so you can book accommodations that provide with luxuries like walking distance to the beach.

Dads will relish in the fact that Hawaii golf courses are some of the most beautiful and challenging the world. With courses located all over the islands it is the perfect activity for the active vacationing dad. Golf Hawaii and enjoy the perfect outdoor activity.

Travel Deals

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, right now is an excellent time to enjoy cheap travel to Hawaii. Find online deals through travel sites like Orbitz and Travelocity, but keep an eye out for special deals. We found this recent deal offering $199 per night at the Sheraton Resort in Kauai, which includes a car rental!

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