Budget Travel Holding Up

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Within the recent economic climate, travel related industries are taking a hit. Specifically, airlines and accommodations are two of the largest travel sectors that are seeing a decrease. This was the general sentiment among professionals at the World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation earlier in the year, as was their agreement on a trend that sees budget travel increasing as luxury travel lulls. Statistics among travel experts see budget accommodations weathering quite well during a time where luxury hotel occupancy is at an all time low. The budget travel demographic as a result is fairing quite well, showing the lowest decrease in popular travel sectors. Even though luxury travel like hotel accommodations are at an all-time low, it does mean cheaper prices for anyone who is traveling. While you’re booking lodging, find some of the best prices with luxury vacation packages, hostels, hotels and even airlines! If you want to travel on a budget, take a long term backpacking trip or book an around the world ticket, book now – these prices won’t last!

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