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In her bestselling book Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert painted a picture of Bali as little more than a sweet place to fall in love. While this might have been the writer’s experience, it doesn’t tell the whole story of this Indonesian island. While Gilbert was seeing little more than the bedroom, she was missing […]

There are few greater challenges on earth than scaling Mount Everest, the tallest summit in the world. With a height of 8848 meters, this is not a mountain trek for the faint hearted. Mount Everest, part of the Himalayan mountain range, touches the borders of China, Tibet, and Nepal. It is the ultimate goal of […]

Australia is a vast land but few tourists, and indeed few locals, ever see it in all its majesty. While the buzzing Eastern coastline with its beaches and big cities is alluring, to see the real Australia you’ll need to head to The Outback. Some 6.5 million square kilometers of rugged rural land are just […]

When too much action is never enough, make sure you add heli-rafting to your New Zealand extreme sports itinerary. // This unique experience, hosted by Queenstown Rafting, combines a high-flying helicopter ride with an adrenalin-packed white-water rafting adventure. Queenstown Rafting offers two heli-rafting trips. The first flies across the Wakatipu Basin and Coronet Peak ski […]

Fiji is a laid back country which jokingly runs on “Fiji Time.” It’s easy to adjust to this relaxed way of life, particularly once you’ve savored a traditional hangi feast, then spent a few hours on a sparkling white beach. But Fiji doesn’t forget adrenalin junkies, with a range of experiences designed to get your […]

Thousands of tourists flock to New Zealand each year to get their blood pumping. The home of bungee jumping offers many adventure sports, including kayaking, kite surfing, and skiing. The country’s latest contribution is the Shweeb, located just outside Rotorua at Agroventures. The Schweeb velodrome is the first human-powered monorail track in the world. Its […]

It’s got a reputation for sun, surf, and sand, but there’s more to Fiji than its coastal allure. The island nation is also home to thousands of hectares of tropical rainforest. While bush walking is always an option, Fiji’s zip trekking tours provide an experience that’s just a little different. Zip trekking lifts you up […]

Some people consider the perfect vacation sipping martinis by the pool a few hours before their massage. However, a new breed of vacation is becoming more popular among backpackers and travelers. Adventure vacations are throwing the traditional vacation to the wayside and inventing an entirely new way to experience travel. Now, you can mountain climb, […]