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Planning the perfect summer trip? Or perhaps you’re investigating your family’s next winter wonderland vacation?

Alaska is one of the most breathtaking displays of nature and wilderness available in the United States. Each summer and winter tourists flock to Alaska’s many cities and rugged outback trails for romantic getaways, adventure vacations, cruises, road trips and site seeing. Whether you want to travel in the summer, enjoying the warmer days, camping and the outdoors, or if you want to ski the Alaskan mountains and snowshoeing during a winter adventure, Alaska is as good as it gets. Check out these flight deals from the west coast into Alaska brought to you by FrugalMonkey!

Looking for flights into Anchorage? If you want to enjoy a vacation in the Land of The Midnight Sun, check out these incredible deals. Right now you can fly round trip out of Seattle from $510 including tax. Check out the travel auction sites, rent a car as a package deal and check out some of Alaska’s other gorgeous cities.

If you have a pallet for salmon, you’re going to love eating fish in Ketchikan. Each summer tourists pour into this fishy hub for excellent food and some incredible sight seeing. Right now you can get flights from $435 when you book on Hotwire.

If you are interested in visiting the state capital and seeing the surrounding glaciers, flights start at just $512 with Hotwire.

For a look at the center of Alaska’s rustic charm and laid back nature, you’re going to love a trip into Fairbanks. For you summer vacationers, keep your eye on the sky; Fairbanks is known for gorgeous displays of the Aurora Borealis which can be seen a reported 200 days out of the year. Flights into Fairbanks can be found for $695 with Orbitz.

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