Fly As Cheap As $37 With American Airlines

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American Airlines is slashing prices in a nationwide promotion that means you could be booking domestic flights for as little as $37. With so much pressure on the airlines to fill seats, prices are being cut dramatically. Therefore, if you have the desire to do some domestic traveling, you can be on your way for practically pennies. The discounts do have some stipulations. You have to book your flights before their blackout date in March and you have complete your travel before May 20, 2009. Yet, if you have some relatives to visit, a spring break vacation to enjoy or simply want a getaway, now is the time to do so. You can also find cheap hotel prices through American Airlines and through various online travel auction websites. With the number of people flying at an all time low, hotels have to lower their prices as well. Book your travel plans now and fly at extraordinarily low costs.

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