Lowest Flights Ever and Cheap Travel To Hawaii

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Rock bottom prices and a decrease in tourism means that travelers can visit one of the most sought after vacation locations in the world, at some of the lowest prices ever. Traveling to Hawaii is now significantly more affordable then it has ever been, and as a result, travelers are gobbling up flights at amazing discounted prices.

Recently published material on the cheap airfares to Hawaii lists prices from the west coast at only about $350 per person.

A significant drop from the $600 a Seattle family paid last year for the exact same flight. These low prices mean that a trip this summer for a family of four is about $1,000 cheaper then it was last year, starting only with airfare. The good news for travelers is that since Hawaii has seen a 12% decrease in tourism over the last year, its first ever decrease in tourism since the Great Depression, hotel deals and vacation packages are also at an all time low. This is a prefect reflection that while the tourism industry is suffering, travelers are still able to benefit by booking cheap flights and vacation packages. For a state like Hawaii however, where tourism is the main artery of its economy, the decrease in visitors and in spending is likely to hit hard. This is especially true for the smaller islands and more remote locations where travel is already less than on the big islands where most visitors spend their time.

While this is disconcerting for the Hawaiian economy it does means cheap airfare and cheaper vacations to one of the most visited tropical landscapes in the United States. As such, prices are so low you almost can’t ignore them. It’s hard not to picture yourself sun tanning on a white sand beach at half of what it might have cost you last year. Delta, American, United and other airline carriers are all offering these low prices and travel auction sites are offering incredible vacation deals and what might be considered a steal.

Take the trip to Hawaii this year. As FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney said, “You won’t see prices to Hawaii like this again in your lifetime. It might be worth it to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip.”

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