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Although consumers continue to keep an eye out for rising travel prices, they just continue to stay enjoyably low even as we approach Labor Day. And although the follow airfares won’t help you out much for the upcoming long weekend, feast your eyes on amazing airfares to Latin American destinations like Mexico and South America […]

Looking for killer one-way travel deals? This week we feature an amazing one-way fare that’s so hot it’s impossible to ignore! Continental Airlines is bringing you the best in travel to the Big Apple with one-way fares as low as $109 each way. The Statue of Liberty is a world-famous tourist attraction as are the […]

Sometimes a keen eye glued to the Internet pays off. Such is the case with today’s featured travel deal providing roundtrip flights on Southwest airlines from $30-$90! There’s a catch of course: You have to book your flight by 11:59 pm (Pacific Time) today, July 8th to take advantage. The best flight prices are from […]

Some of these simple airfare strategies will help you save money while you travel. Even though finding good airfare deals has become easier, there are some ways to narrow your search and find those even better deals. Check out FrugalMonkey’s summer strategy for cheap flights and air travel. Right now you can find incredible international […]

Just when you thought travel couldn’t get any cheaper. It does. JetAmerica just released a statement saying that it will begin focusing on flights that some of the bigger carriers have left behind, or no longer provide. Starting July 13, a number of nonstop passenger flights will be offered (as many as 34!) to places […]

We can hardly stop talking about all the amazing travel deals to Hawaii that are available to travelers. Each week we find yet another amazing deal that convinces us a summer vacation to Hawaii is a must. Right now on Cheap Hawaii Travel there are flights listed from Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, […]

Planning the perfect summer trip? Or perhaps you’re investigating your family’s next winter wonderland vacation? Alaska is one of the most breathtaking displays of nature and wilderness available in the United States. Each summer and winter tourists flock to Alaska’s many cities and rugged outback trails for romantic getaways, adventure vacations, cruises, road trips and […]

For only $251 each way, you almost can’t afford to miss this amazing deal! If those travel auction websites haven’t found you the deal you’re looking for on your trip to Europe – then look no further. Aer Lingus, one of Ireland’s premier airlines, is now offering amazing discounts on flights coming out of New […]

With the price of oil back down to reasonable values, the cost of flights and vacation packages are at extreme lows. Two huge factors contribute to the price of flights and vacation packages. The cost of oil is one such factor and timing is the other. During the summer for instance, travel to Greece is […]