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Whether it be for work, pleasure or simply to say hello, keeping in touch while you travel is important to everyone. That’s why FrugalMonkey is here to share with you some tips and tools on how to keep in touch with your loved ones while you are living, working and traveling abroad.

Even just a few years ago, if you were traveling internationally your options for keeping in touch with friends and family while you were away were limited to calling cards and email.

While these venues of communication are still some of the cheapest and easiest to manage, people who are traveling for business or need to be available by phone are finding ways to communicate that are easier then ever before.

The Internet application Skype is becoming as much of a backpacker necessity as the backpack itself. It allows anyone with an Internet connection to login, message and make phone calls all over the world. Skype allows members to use their Internet connection to make calls to cell phones and landlines at a very low cost. International calls and calls made to cell phones tend to be more expensive, but the convenience of being able get a hold of the person you are trying to reach, extends far beyond the few cents each minute that are charged to users. Skype even has functions allowing calls to be rerouted cell phones so users can communicate while away from the computer. It is revolutionizing international phones and communication among travelers.

Travelers also find unlocking their cell phones to be useful when traveling abroad.

Unlocking your phone means removing your original SIM card and allowing your phone to be used with another carrier’s SIM. This means you can use your original address book, phone and applications while being in another country. You can also purchase international cell phone plans, although the cost of these plans can be much more expensive in comparison to the money you save using Skype, calling cards and other cheap methods of communication.

If it’s important for you to stay in touch while you’re traveling abroad consider the amazing travel deals you will enjoy by saving money on communication while you are away!

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