Get Sexy in South Korea at Loveland Theme Park

in South Korea

Asian culture might seem reserved, but a visit to Loveland in South Korea should correct that misconception. This very wicked destination is the country’s very own erotic theme park!

Sculptures at Loveland

Sculptures at Loveland

The park features 140 permanent sexy sculptures alongside rotating monthly exhibitions. You could see a display of sex toys, some nude models, or some blue movies!

Just like any good theme park, Loveland also has its mascots. You’ll meet the walking phallus Bulkkeuni and his lady love, the hat wearing vagina Ssaekkeuni. They’ll want to make your acquaintance, so make sure you say hello.

Loveland is located on Jeju-do Island at the southern tip of South Korea. The tropical island is so popular with newlyweds that it’s been known as the Honeymoon Isle since the end of the Korean War.

With so many South Koreans entering into arranged marriages and using their time on the island to discover their sexuality, Loveland couldn’t have found a better home. A visit is certainly an educational experience!

Loveland is a 10-minute taxi ride from Jeju-do International Airport. Visitors should allow an hour to view the exhibits, although when films are showing it can easily take longer.

It should go without saying that a visit to Loveland is no family outing, although there is a play area for children outside the park. It’s also no place for modesty, so if you’re shy about matters of the flesh I suggest you steer clear. But if you can see the silly side and embrace it, an hour or two spent at Loveland is a lot of fun.

[Image Source: Sunxez/Flickr]

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