theme parks

If you’re a thrill seeker or a parent, major theme parks are a must for your vacation itinerary. Whether you’re visiting one of the world’s iconic Disneylands or the famous theme parks on Australia’s Gold Coast, these places guarantee days of fun for the whole family. However these tourist attractions can drain your finances faster […]

It may not have the theme parks of the Gold Coast, but Sydney holds its own with Luna Park, a historic amusement center originally opened in 1935. Walk through the eerily smiling entrance to try the mix of old fashioned rides and more contemporary attractions. The 40-meter ferris wheel offers amazing views of Sydney Harbour, […]

Asian culture might seem reserved, but a visit to Loveland in South Korea should correct that misconception. This very wicked destination is the country’s very own erotic theme park! The park features 140 permanent sexy sculptures alongside rotating monthly exhibitions. You could see a display of sex toys, some nude models, or some blue movies! […]

Sydney and Melbourne may be Australia’s biggest tourist centers, but if you’re looking for theme parks you’ll need to head up north. Queensland’s Gold Coast is regarded as Australia’s amusement park capital, and there’s a good reason why. While Australia’s largest cities are lucky to have one or two theme parks, the Gold Coast hosts […]