China certainly knows how to throw a party. Most times of the year you’ll find the locals celebrating one of their many annual festivals. The country’s cities regularly explode in a rainbow of colors and sounds, and the locals love it when tourists join in the fun. That’s perfect for frugal travelers, as most of […]

When you’re vacationing in Fiji you’ll hear many unfamiliar words. While English is the predominant language, several Fijian words have made it into the everyday vernacular. Learning these key terms and phrases will help you feel like a local in no time. Bula is the most common greeting in Fiji. By repeating this word to […]

There are many wonderful but weird things in Japan, and they don’t get much weirder than the Cosplay culture of Tokyo’s Akihabara district. Every Sunday the main street is closed to cars and taken over by the wildly dressed locals. Cosplay, or Costume Play, brings together fans of the Japanese comics and animations known as […]

The traditional ways of the Maori people are fading as the original inhabits of New Zealand assimilate with the Europeans who now call New Zealand home. // <![CDATA[ google_ad_client = "pub-5653857226981358"; /* Frugal Monkey, 336×280 */ google_ad_slot = "2061266273"; google_ad_width = 336; google_ad_height = 280; // ]]> // ]]> However there are still many places […]

The ultimate souvenir of any vacation is a tattoo, a permanent reminder of the place you have visited and the things you have seen. Many visitors to New Zealand hope to get inked in the traditional Maori style, but there are a few things to consider before you go under the needle. Maori tattoos, or […]

Tourists visiting India are often shocked by the number of beggars in the major tourist centers. Their presence is somewhat confronting, especially if you hail from an affluent part of the world, but by following a few simple tips they need not detract from your vacation experience. Beggars are most prevalent in tourist areas, as […]

For a hiking experience with a difference, consider taking the spiritual path of Kumano Kodo in the Kii Mountains near Osaka, Japan. The walking trail has the awesome views all explorers crave, and a cavalcade of sacred sites to boot. The track has been walked by Japanese emperors since the 10th century. In 2004 it […]

Vietnam is a safe and friendly country, but its unique culture can come as a shock to foreign travelers. As with entering any country, it’s important to be sensitive of these customs and do your best to fit in. The advice you’ll find here will help you avoid making any embarrassing faux pas. Friendliness is […]

In Japan, sumo wrestlers earn the respect of Hollywood actors and rock stars. The sport is the oldest martial art in the country. It was originally a form of ritual dedication which asked the gods for a prosperous harvest, although in time it developed as a form of combat. Modern-day tourists can get a glimpse […]

Asian culture might seem reserved, but a visit to Loveland in South Korea should correct that misconception. This very wicked destination is the country’s very own erotic theme park! The park features 140 permanent sexy sculptures alongside rotating monthly exhibitions. You could see a display of sex toys, some nude models, or some blue movies! […]