Timing And Cheap Oil…

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With the price of oil back down to reasonable values, the cost of flights and vacation packages are at extreme lows.

Two huge factors contribute to the price of flights and vacation packages. The cost of oil is one such factor and timing is the other.

During the summer for instance, travel to Greece is more expensive than during the winter months. Time of year variances such as these usually fluctuate during high and low seasons and when weather determines an influx of travelers to a specific region. So as you can probably guess, London is more popular to visit in the summer than during the damp and chilly winters months and is also more expensive. The price of hotel packages, flight deals and even car rentals will all change based on the highs and lows of the travel season. Thus, booking your vacation based on the time of year can earn you huge travel discounts when traveling.

FRUGALMONKEY TIP: When looking for really good travel deals, even to popular vacation spots like Europe, Hawaii and Mexico, look to book trips on the fringe of high and low seasons.

When you book a vacation on a weekend that lies outside of high season calendars for example, you will often still get excellent weather and regional perks that are common with high season travel, but at a fraction of the price.

Additionally this time of year (right after the holidays) is an excellent time to go vacationing because airlines, cruise ships and travel agents are offering huge discounts on popular vacations because travel is usually at a lull during this time of year. As a result, the deals are just waiting for you to find them!

Lastly, oil prices are at a low especially from the ridiculously high prices that were plaguing travelers during the summer. So, on top of using the time of year to find good travel deals you can also find extremely low cruise vacations and flights because companies are operating at such low costs and can offer better deals to travelers. For more information on travel deals to popular locations, check out our catalog of posts.

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