In the world of digital media in which most of us live, some may have forgotten about the power of a good old-fashioned book. Some of the best frugal travel advice I’ve collected over the years has been found between the covers of the six books listed here, all published within the last 10 years (and yes, you can get some of them on your Kindle, Nook or iPad). All six would make great additions to your travel library.

Here are some general tips and resources for making the most out of student discounts while studying, traveling or living abroad (many of these student discounts also apply to students living in the U.S.).

Searching for cheap travel deals can be daunting. Luckily, there are some great cheap travel sites to help you out. Another option is to subscribe to a “deals” list like LivingSocial or Groupon. Both of these sites offer city-specific discounts on various goods and services as well as travel opportunities at amazingly reduced prices.

Rock bottom prices and a decrease in tourism means that travelers can visit one of the most sought after vacation locations in the world, at some of the lowest prices ever. Traveling to Hawaii is now significantly more affordable then it has ever been, and as a result, travelers are gobbling up flights at amazing […]

Get the most out of your European Vacation by utilizing these FrugalMonkey Travel Tips. With budget travel being so reasonable, people are finding deal after deal that will allow them to fly overseas and enjoy a European vacation. In addition to this, travelers are enjoying better exchange rates against the dollar then there has been […]

You might be in need of cheap last minute travel deals for a variety of reasons. Some people have to travel for business others have family emergencies and some just waited until the last minute to organize their trip. FrugalMonkey has all the best tips on how to find the cheapest and what we consider […]

European travel is popular because of the wealth of countries and cultures within such close proximity to one another. Additionally, the use of the Euro among many European countries and the ease of traveling within Europe because of the Euro Rail, means Europe is a traveler’s backyard just waiting to be explored. Flight deals right […]

Many people look into renting a carwhile traveling because it offers the freedom to move about from place to place without having to use taxis, buses or other more inconvenient ways of getting around a new place. It also lets you explore a new location at your own speed and on your own time. It […]

Australia is a popular travel location for anyone who is looking for some surf and sun. English speaking residents, amazing cities, a rich cultural history and gorgeous beaches mean that Australia has much to offer any of its many visitors. From beach lounging to hikes in the outback you can surely find an activity in […]

With the price of oil back down to reasonable values, the cost of flights and vacation packages are at extreme lows. Two huge factors contribute to the price of flights and vacation packages. The cost of oil is one such factor and timing is the other. During the summer for instance, travel to Greece is […]