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Many frugal travelers believe overseas vacations are luxuries outside their budgets. But a trip abroad needn’t cost you the earth, if you consider our cut-price ways to fly. The first consideration for any trip is, of course, your destination. This is likely to be dictated by your budget. Popular holiday hotspots often attract high air […]

Planning any trip can be complicated, but details become even more important when trying to organize a longer (multi-week, multi-month) voyage (and doing it on the cheap!). While this proposition can seem overwhelming at first, remember that the end result will be worth all of the work up front. It’s important to keep in mind that laying the groundwork by doing a bit of researching and planning will provide for a much more satisfying (and budget-friendly) travel experience. Use these tips to avoid becoming overwhelmed and exhausted during the planning process (after all, you’ll still need plenty of energy for the trip itself!).

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely planning on doing some frugal travel in 2011. There’s nothing worse than shelling out most of your travel budget on flights (I prefer to have a bit of cash to enjoy all the my destination has to offer. If you’re also planning to travel in 2011, here are some tips for finding inexpensive flights. It may take a bit more effort than just booking the first flight you come across to your destination, but the money you save will be worth it in the end.

If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ve probably noticed our highly focused reporting on summer flight and vacation deals. That’s because this summer was one of the cheapest and best summers for vacationers in years, with a number of flights discounted as much as 60% from previous rates. But now, it’s time for fall and […]

We want to hear from you! Have you booked a cheap flight using one of our tried and true money saving techniques? Or, maybe you have found a great site that no one knows about where you have had success in finding really cheap flights, hotels, and other accommodations. Perhaps you just want to share […]

American Airlines is slashing prices in a nationwide promotion that means you could be booking domestic flights for as little as $37. With so much pressure on the airlines to fill seats, prices are being cut dramatically. Therefore, if you have the desire to do some domestic traveling, you can be on your way for […]

Get the most out of your European Vacation by utilizing these FrugalMonkey Travel Tips. With budget travel being so reasonable, people are finding deal after deal that will allow them to fly overseas and enjoy a European vacation. In addition to this, travelers are enjoying better exchange rates against the dollar then there has been […]

Learn how to book cheap airfares and save money on flights using these tactics. If you don’t have to worry about last minute travel headaches and have plenty of time to book your trip, then consider some of FrugalMonkey’s tips on how to book airfare cheaply and efficiently. When you have the time to book […]

For only $251 each way, you almost can’t afford to miss this amazing deal! If those travel auction websites haven’t found you the deal you’re looking for on your trip to Europe – then look no further. Aer Lingus, one of Ireland’s premier airlines, is now offering amazing discounts on flights coming out of New […]

You might be in need of cheap last minute travel deals for a variety of reasons. Some people have to travel for business others have family emergencies and some just waited until the last minute to organize their trip. FrugalMonkey has all the best tips on how to find the cheapest and what we consider […]