Destination: Patagonia

in Argentina, Trip Locations

In the mood for some South American flavor but want to hit up the outdoors? Traveling into Chilean or Argentine Patagonia is perhaps one of the most amazing, beautiful and incredible vacations you can possibly take during your time in South America. Argentine Patagonia is not only home to the southern most city in the world, but it also houses some of the best adventure hiking, mountain climbing and site-seeing in the entire world. The region of Patagonia is nothing less then gigantic, meaning that a trip to see it all would take weeks. Most people fly into El Chalten and then take day hikes to see the glaciers. In Chilean Patagonia there is a world famous five-day backpacking trail which features one of Patagonia’s most valuable treasures, Torres del Paine. This mountain and the nature surrounding it brings in travelers year after year to experience the outdoors and to see these gorgeous landscapes. Because of its geographical location you can only visit Patagonia for hiking and camping safely from October – April. As such, there is still plenty of time to snatch up a last minute flight, or to start planning for next year.

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