Visit Serene Bruny Island, Tasmania’s Best Kept Secret

in Australia

Bruny Island, located off the coast of Tasmania, may be one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

The island measures about 72 square kilometers, roughly the same size as Singapore. But while the Asian nation is a hive of activity, life travels much more slowly on Bruny Island. And that’s just how the 650-odd locals like it.

Sunset on Bruny Island

Sunset on Bruny Island

The accommodation is strictly self-contained, which should suit the kind of travelers attracted to this laidback location. Guests are left to their own devices, free to enjoy their vacation at their own pace.

There are few stores on Bruny Island, so if you hope to make use of your accommodation’s kitchen you’ll need to bring your own supplies. These can be supplemented with the area’s local produce. Get your fresh oysters from Get Shucked, whose mobile van is open daily during summer and on Mondays and Thursdays in winter. These oysters are prized by restaurants on the mainland, and you’ll enjoy them at their freshest. There are also several wineries and cheese makers on the island.

If you’d prefer to let someone else do the work, consider visiting the Hothouse Café. This charming eatery is located within a nursery greenhouse, so it’s a joy to visit on chilly winter days. Owner Fiona Morrison’s herb damper is legendary around these parts. The Bruny Island Pie Parlour and Gallery is another local institution. More than your average meat pie, the parlor serves up gourmet pastries made from scallops, venison, rabbit, emu, camel, and smoked salmon! They can satisfy your sweet tooth too with their famous apple and blackberry pies.

Wander about Hilba Gardens, ten hectares of English-styled parklands featuring the rhododendron walk and tranquil lake. Once you’ve walked up an appetite make sure you visit the Bruny Chocolate and Fudge Factory for some sweet treats.

Tasmania isn’t often thought of as a surfing destination, but the waves crashing in from the Southern Ocean make for some pretty spectacular swell. Cloudy Bay Beach, located within the South Bruny National Park, has the area’s best breaks.

While on Bruny Island make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the white Bennett’s wallabies, a cute critter not found anywhere else in the world. These painted wallabies look like albinos, but their dark eyes dispel that myth. With no natural predators, they’ve simply got no need for a camouflaged coat!

The Bruny Island Ferry leaves Kettering daily at 7 am. The journey takes 15 minutes and costs $28 for a return fare.

[Image Source: Neil’s Photography/Flickr]

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