Tonga travel

We all know that Tonga is one of the most affordable destinations in the South Pacific. But how should you manage your money once you get there? Tongan pa’anga banknotes are available in denominations of one, two, five, 10, 20, and 50. One hundred seniti is equivalent to one TS$1. Seniti coins come in denominations […]

The South Pacific has a reputation as a luxury holiday destination, with the prices to match. If you don’t want to abandon your dreams of a Pacific getaway but you’ve got a strict budget to follow, consider heading to Tonga. This island nation has a reputation as the best value destination in Oceania. While those […]

The South Pacific has become a hot destination for couples wanting to get hitched and enjoy their honeymoon at the same time. Most resorts in the Oceanic region offer wedding packages, with ceremonies typically performed on the tropical locale’s beaches. A marriage license should be obtained on arrival in the South Pacific. This is generally […]